White Paper:

How can retailers participate in the circular economy?

With testimony from Petit Bateau and expert insights from BRC

Circular economy, second-hand, rentals, recycling, the used goods market, CSR strategies, corporate foundations... These are all concepts, ideas and buzzwords that define the new major trend in retail. And what a trend! Retailing is looking to be more sustainable, more environmentally friendly and more socially responsible.

Did you know that the used goods market is estimated to grow to 84 billion dollars by 2030?

But how can retailers adapt? Several strategies are possible: Rental services, pre-owned goods, Recycling... These business models require the internal development of these offers, and partnerships with - or purchases of - companies already recognized in these areas.


In our white paper, find out: 

How this trend is growing and impacting retailers
Why retailers MUST incorporate some circular economy initiatives into their business models
How retailers like Petit Bateau have seen amazing results and customer adherence with these initiatives

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